2018 / Video
2018 / Video

Istruzioni Mondiali

Elena Mariani

Benedetta Redaelli

Istruzioni Mondiali is an informative video series with a journalistic approach developed for the Sportmediaset news website during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

As Mediaset Italy won the national rights for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, we developed an exclusive digital video format, in collaboration with the Sportmediaset newsroom, to look at some of the main topics and explore fun facts around the tournament.

Giornaliste e tifosi: quando l’entusiasmo diventa molestia
Il calcio di rigore perfetto

Hosted by journalist Benedetta Redaelli a variety of topics were explained in short 3 minute video clips. Broaching a range of subjects, from Iceland’s exciting success to how female journalists faced harassment while working in Russia, the videos were designed to take a closer look at all topics surrounding the tournament.

Mixing a dynamic digital language with reportage journalism, Istruzioni Mondiali was a successful collaboration that combined a news network with a journalistic approach.