2018 / Video
2018 / Video

La Parola Chiave

Elena Mariani

La Parola Chiave – or the keyword in English – is a digital series created around the show, L’isola dei famosi (I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here), a popular Italian TV show on Mediaset Canale 5.

The team looked at the most common questions and terms Mediaset Play users searched about the stars of the show. These keywords were then used as the basis for the contestants exit interviews once they were eliminated from the show.

A successful studio format originally developed by the Mediaset Digital Content Factory, each episode of La Parola Chiave has over 10,000 plays on the Mediaset Play video platform and 300,000 views on Facebook.

La Parola chiave di Alessia e Rosa
La parola chiave di Francesca e Jonathan

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