2018 / Video
2018 / Video

Obbligo o Verità

Elena Mariani

Obbligo o Verità (Truth or Dare) is a digital video series developed for Il Grande Fratello (Big Brother) on Mediaset Canale 5.

After “La Parola Chiave” the team decided to explore reactionary video formats further, this time challenging television talents to a series of outlandish dares.

“Rub your face with Nutella”, “Wear this unicorn costume” or “Lick this hammer like Miley Cyrus” were just some of the challenges the team put to the influencers, TV personalities and celebrities starring on the show.

Alessia e Matteo in Obbligo o Verità

Obbligo o Verità saw wide online success, with one episode accruing over 50,000 plays on Mediaset play and 800,000 views on Facebook.

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