2018 / Video
2018 / Video

Mediaset Social Video

Mediaset Content Factory

As Co-ordinator at the Mediaset Digital Content Factory I created video strategies with a digitally driven approach, realizing and developing fresh formats for existing and new projects. Digital Content Factory followed the ideation and implementation of social media video strategies using the cloud video editing platform Wochit. 

In addition to creating optimized video formats for the Mediaset Play Platform and the group’s social media channels the team also developed exclusive content that leverages the latest features on social media.

The ability to adapt to new formats allows our editorial and social media teams to publish breaking news in the most relevant and engaging manner. For example with the launch and rise in popularity of Instagram Stories, we worked quickly to create vertical video formats in order to stay up to the minute with how the modern user consumes content on Instagram.

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In less than a year the Content Factory has created more than 1,000 videos which have been published on Mediaset’s dedicated video platform – Mediaset Play – and across the group’s social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram. I have written a short article about this experience here.

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