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2016 / Other

Better Days Festival

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Imeji Film

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Karmachina, Otolab

Better Days

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Alessandro Sozzi

As Head Of Content for Better Days, a Milan-based digital agency, I was in charge of the planning, creation and distribution of all content both on and offline.

Foto: Mattia Balsamini

During my time at the agency I worked on the first edition of the Better Days Festival in 2016. A two day gathering focused on creativity and digital culture, featuring over 60 special guests including Joan Cornellà, Kode9, Dave Haslam, Luca Carboni, Chef Rubio, with 5 workshops, 6 live bands and several DJ sets performed in front of over 5,000 enthusiastic attendees.

As part of my role I also managed the newsroom for Dailybest.it and Rockit.it, serving as the executive producer on videos, branded content and special projects.
I was responsible for the redesign of the Dailybest website, its new editorial approach and the creation of several long-form editorial features, presented with original illustrations and animated GIFs, on notable artists and musicians like Luigi Serafini, Ozmo, Guè Pequeno and Parma’s Franco Maria Ricci labyrinth.

Better Day Festival
I Cani Live
The Pills – Fare finta di essere se stessi
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Foto: Federico Ciamei

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