2011 / Video
2011 / Video

Crash Test

Dude, Except, Silvia Poeta Paccati

Crash Test was a show developed for the Wired Italia video channel.

The web is full of tech reviews, everybody from industry experts to amateurs wants to try a new gadget and give their point of view online. Flipping this concept on its head, we put a series of tech-shy volunteers to the test, asking them to try out the latest products and give us their opinion, these included a college night owl with a kitchen mixer, two pensioners tackling futuristic video games and a group of typical teenagers trying to play vintage arcade games.

Metti un (vecchio) Commodore 64 in mano a due nativi digitali
Vai col liscio con il Kinect Xbox 360
Un libraio prova a sfogliare il Kindle
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