2018 / Video
2018 / Video

Mediaset Play Remix

Credits: Mediaset Content Factory

As Co-ordinator at the Mediaset DigitalContent Factory I created video strategies with a digitally driven approach, realizing and developing fresh formats for existing and new projects. Originally established to help create news and infotainment style content for channels such as MediasetPlay, Tgcom24, Sportmediaset and shows such as Verissimo and Quarto Grado, the Content Factory followed the ideation and implementation of social media video strategies using the cloud video editing platform Wochit

Le risposte di Chi vuol essere milionario?
Earth Day

In addition to creating optimized video formats for the Mediaset Play Platform and the group’s social media channels the team also developed exclusive contents produced in our digital studio that leverages the latest features on social media and YouTube, and is now included in our brand new Mediaset Play Remix channel.

GF15 presenta “Obbligo o Verità” con Alessia e Matteo
Paolo Ruffini e Francesca Cipriani: battaglia di insulti
Taylor Mega risponde a Fabrizio Corona a “La parola chiave”
Giornaliste e tifosi: quando l’entusiasmo diventa molestia
Quanto conoscono la musica pop Pamela Petrarolo e Leonardo Decarli?

Among many other formats I’ve worked on the following projects: Obbligo o Verità (Truth or Dare) a digital video series developed for Il Grande Fratello (Big Brother) on Mediaset Canale 5. La Parola Chiave – or the keyword in English – is a digital series created around the show, L’isola dei famosi (Survivor), a popular Italian TV show aired on Mediaset Canale 5. Istruzioni Mondiali is an informative video series with a journalistic approach developed for the Sportmediaset news website during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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In three years Mediaset Digitial Content Factory produced more than 1000 videos achieving millions of plays on different platforms: Mediaset Play, Mediaset social media accounts and Mediaset Play Remix on Youtube. I have written a short article about this experience here