2010 / Video
2010 / Video


Video and Art:
Iragazzidellaprateria (Marco Mucig, Carlo Zoratti)

Location Production:
Anna Bartolacelli per Fondazione Pomodoro

Poster Art:
Oisin Orlandi

Sonoinlista (I am on the list) was a production for the Pronti Al Peggio project.

Two evening events were organized at the amazing Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro in Milan, each with a special theme.

A Classic Education – What My Life Could Have Been
A Classic Education – Wonderful World (Sam Cooke cover)
Trabant – The Model (Kraftwerk cover)

The first, produced in collaboration with A Classic Education, was inspired by Italian and international TV programs from the 60’s. The second, in the style of old science fiction shows, with the rock band Trabant.

All live events were filmed by our video team, in order to create a reportage video series that was then published online.

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