2013 / Video
2013 / Video

20 minuti

Opificio Ciclope

20 Minuti (20 minutes) was a show developed for the Wired Italia video channel.

How long should an online story last to leave its mark?

20 minutes was the duration, as well as the title, of the first series of documentaries I created, produced and edited for Wired Italia alongside the directors and videomakers at Opificio Ciclope. Covering the most important features from the magazine on technology in Italy, the series presented each topic in an original and emotive way, because the characters and their feelings were at the core of each narrative, rather than the nuts, bolts, bytes and software.

The focus of the first episodes was the technological revolution of Italian hardware Arduino, and the development of an Internet video phenomenon called LOL Rap outside the frame of YouTube.

Arduino Creare E’ Un Gioco Da Ragazzi
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These episodes attracted the attention of Italian mainstream TV and the international press, including some of the most authoritative names in tech media, such as BoingBoing and Wired US, for which journalist and writer Bruce Sterling wrote about them.

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