2012 / Video
2012 / Video

Dal tramonto all'alba

Dude, Except, Silvia Poeta Paccati

Dal tramonto all’alba (From dusk till dawn) was a show developed for the Wired Italia video channel.

If a Lonely Planet guide has ever saved your life, you have learned to appreciate guidebooks: the addresses, insights, emergency numbers and reference points they offer at just the right moment, when and where you need them most.

As they are impossible to improve, you might as well totally change your objective, and instead look for the weirdest, the most unique and the most “wired” things you can find in a major Italian or international city. The true antithesis of a tourist guidebook, meeting guides who lead you by the hand, supposedly to the right places, but often the completely wrong ones. 

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There was an additional layer to this challenge: the protagonists had less than 24 hours to complete their task.


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