2011 / Video
2011 / Video

Interviste Oblique

Dude, Except, Silvia Poeta Paccati

Interviste Oblique (Oblique Interviews) was a series developed for the Wired Italia video channel.

Imagine a deck of cards, Oblique Strategies, created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. Originally the cards, and the enigmatic phrases on them, were conceived to help players overcome creative blocks however, as the phrases were so snappy and entertaining, they were transformed into real questions for inspiring minds from the worlds of music, science and cinema. Icons from Jovanotti, to Bruce Sterling, Valerio Evangelisti, director Nicolas Winding Refn and the futurist Ray Kurzweil, who has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, all took part in the online video series.

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Philippe Daverio
Sasha Grey

Crash Test