2014 / Video
2014 / Video

Il Progetto Wired

Producer: Riccardo Fantoni Video: Except Talent: Taiyo Yamanouchi

Il Progetto Wired (The Wired Project) was a webshow I developed for the Wired Italia Video Channel. A smart guide to the world of tech with a funny twist, the series offered a unique take on the popular “How To” video format.

Come diventare un campione a Candy Crush
Come fare il rap

Hosted by the mighty Professor Yamanouchi (Actor, Rapper and Comedian Taiyo Yamanouchi) the show explored tech subjects – “How to be a badass on Instagram” and “How to explore the deep web” – with a playful approach – “How to DJ properly” and “How to cultivate weed at home”.

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Thanks to a strong mix of clickable topics, snappy humor and memorable characters, Il Progetto Wired became Wired Italia’s most successful video format.

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