2014 / Video
2014 / Video

Wired Storie

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Wired Storie (Wired Stories) was a show I developed for the Wired Italia video channel.

After the 2013 Wired video revamp, a new video format was created to showcase the best features in the magazine, integrating the physical and online formats as part of Wired’s evolving communications approach.

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Every month some of the best Italian filmmakers paired up with Wired journalists (or myself as author and producer) and travelled throughout Italy to uncover the most interesting stories on technology and innovation.

Sulla neve con Alex Bellini
Il mondo di ZeroCalcare
Greenpeace Rainbow

Thanks to a media partnership with Deejay Tv each of the Wired Storie videos was broadcast on TV before being discussed with a panel, including the Wired journalists, as part of the Occupy Deejay TV show.

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