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2021 / Other

Scrolling Infinito

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Pop-Eye Studio

Gabriele Ferraresi

Scrolling Infinito is a book that comes with the form of a website. Inside, you can find everything I’ve learned in 20 years of work, while producing contents for major Italian and international publishers and holding lectures for hundreds of students in more than ten years of classes, workshops and masters.

When a book about technology is published, the first remark is always the same: “When this will be out, all you’ve done is already outdated”. Therefore, I created an online resource which, as an app or a software, can be updated to keep up with the present.

Scrolling Infinito is aimed at content creators of any kind, either if you are already working in this environment or if you are only at the beginning, determined to turn this into a full-time job.

I tried to write the book I wish I could have read at the beginning of my carrer, a text that explains why being a content designer is not only a matter of talent or chance but also a technique you can learn step by step.

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