2013 / Video
2013 / Video

Wired 3NDS/Recensioni

Riccardo Fantoni


Promo video: 
Opificio Ciclope

In December 2013, Wired Italy launched a new website and magazine redesign. As part of this new content strategy I created a series of new video formats that were more in line with the new Wired branding and its different digital platforms.

A video promo directed by Opificio Ciclope showcased Wired’s heritage: 20 years of curiosity and passion for technology. In less than a minute different gadgets – new and old – connect to build a 3D Printer, one of today’s most important modern innovations.

Drone DJI Phantom 2 Vision
L’alfabeto dei manga
La storia della tecnologia in un minuto

Video review: We don’t read news anymore, we watch it, which meant that one of Wired’s most important assets, the gadget review, required a more immediate video update.

3NDS: The website database is the core of any online news project. A modern web newscast can take past content and give it new relevance.

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